Marketing Campaign

A campaign that can be adjusted to your objectives. Ponta can help you in developing and distributing a campaign to achieve goals.

Marketing campaign by our team in expanding and increasing your brand awareness and transaction will become another advantage of becoming Ponta Partner. Our marketing team will help you with detailed both subjective and objective analysis and business development predictions for your business to thrive in Ponta network to achieve a bigger, more profitable collective target.


We will also maximize the promotion developed by marketing team through various ways such as:




> Voucher & Product


To increase the sales of our partners, point redeem can be done using vouchers and products available in partner’s outlet with Special Redemption program held directly by the member in Ponta Mobile App.


> Social Media


Optimizing social media promising great results. Social media can be the most efficient medium of promotion because of its simplicity and its ability to reach the customers.


> Direct Communication


Email Marketing, App push Notification, and SMS, will be used as one of the promotional supports to make it more accessible to the customer. Notification will be received by the customer, using our database of phone numbers, mobile apps, and email addresses we obtain from each registration to Ponta system. This will maximize the probability of customers receiving the latest promotion.

Other Services

Bring and maintain your customers with the Loyalty Program!

What if your loyalty program is connected to more than 20,000 outlets?

Discount Merchant

Discounts have proven effective in increasing sales, but is that the main factor? Without exposure, your discount becomes useless. Is there EXPOSURE that is WIDE-SCALE, INSTANT, and FREE?

Redemption Point

You can exchange reward points from your business loyalty program with Ponta's Points, which means the point exchange option will vary greatly, thus increasing the success of your program.

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